Fish Carving - Labrador Brook Trout
Fish Carving - Labrador Brook Trout
Self Portrait
Self Portrait

To Everyone Interested in David Footer, his work and Art -You will want to check out our new AUCTIONS page and his new Facebook page.

In the last seven years, my father and I and my brothers and sisters, were caring for mother “Polly” as her health declined and more and more father’s work backed up as each day drew closer to her last near the end of July 2010.  We don’t regret making the choice to place her first and the work second and every customer was so understanding.

We have made commitments to our customers and it is our goal to fulfill them. In August, father will be eighty years old, and on the 2nd of July this year he and Annette Picher of Auburn, Maine were happily married and are looking forward sharing to their new life together.

Though we enjoy the work of preserving for others, their wonderful memories through the fish they bring us to mount or the commissions they give father to create, or their grandfather’s or father’s mount that needs repair; we at this point are faced with a challenge of completing the work that is in back log.  We have the most patient people in the world as customers, but they still hope to see their mounts someday.

We don’t wish to deny anyone the opportunity to have a Footer mount or commission to enjoy and share with others.

However we will have to decline taking in new fish to mount, mounts to repair or commissions to produce until further notice.. that is until the people who have long waited for the work they brought us or sent us, have received the completed pieces.

If you have a freshly caught fish you hope to have mounted by us someday, you may lay it flat on a newspaper or board in a shady place (away from cats and dogs) with the side that you want showing when mounted, facing up.  After 20-30 minutes the scales will become tacky and you can plug the vent by the anal fin with a piece of paper towel bunched up (this will prevent the stomach acid from damaging the skin when it is thawed out to be skun for mounting).  You may want to place a cardboard the width of the tail under the tail so it won’t break if you place something heavy on it in the freezer after it is frozen You can then place the whole fish – well wrapped in plastic wrap in a freezer for years to come without much problem resulting.

Sometimes we have fish brought to us that have been caught over a series of fishing trips and the owners have saved the best catch, in hopes to have a cluster done.  Sometimes, circumstances have not allowed for the customer to financially complete the original piece and will have us mount one fish for them and the monies deposited toward the others placed as payment for that one.  These fish become stock- some are already in the mounting process and are finished and become available to people interested in paying the current mounting fee.

When this happens we will add these to the catalog along with any other pieces of art that my father develops while working on present commissions.  Often he uses studies to help him work out ideas for an original or anything he does for fun to get those creative juices flowing.   Also he has completed originals available for sale along with a variety of Special edition, Artist Proof edition and Limited edition prints, painted panels and paddles, note cards and signed L/A Magazines etc. listed on his catalog.

A list will be created. We will only take names and contact information of those interested in having commissions or mounts worked on at a future time.  When the back log is cleared up- we will contact the first on the list and work our way down.  We will not take in anymore pieces or deposits on new work.  So please do not bring them to us to leave with us until further notice! This is the only way we can complete the work we have made commitments to people to do already.

Our Best Regards,  Julie

on behalf of David A. Footer

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