Edition:Artist Proof 80
Dimensions:9 1/4 X 12 1/4 Inches
Product Code:1-80-AP-C

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Catch & Release

The day comes that most of us have been dreaming of.
We’ve caught that nice brook trout.
Does it end there or do we look to the future?
If we let it go so it can grow and mature,
we may have the dream fulfilled again and again.

Location: King & Bartlett Camps
Fly: Maine Game Wardens Fly

David A. Footer spent a lifetime preserving other people’s memories via his outstanding ability to reproduce exactness of color in fish mounting.

Today, with this print, he shares with all of us his memories.

This artist proof edition print is 1 of 80 prints. Story behind Catch and Release and Maine Game Warden Fly.


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