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L/A- Magazine Issue no. 7 -  out since April 2011.  A personally autographed copy is now available for purchase.   It includes a five page feautre article written by Molly F. McGill that keeps bringing wonderful feedback from folks like ”I just read that article about Dave – Wow! I just loved the it!” and it’s Cover Photo by Daniel J. Marquis; of David with one of the brook trout he is renown for recreating the life like color of.  Magazine is published by Independent Publishing Group.  Molly also includes a story on the Footer Special fly with photo. 

We are sure if you’ve seen David’s work or own a fish mount he’s done or restored, have any of his original artwork or prints, this will make a very enjoyable read for you and for anyone you may know who is interested in the Outdoor Sport of fishing.


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