Edition:Study Series 507 to 522
Dimensions:10 X 13 inches
Medium:Oil on Paper
Product Code:OILONP 507

“Brook Trout and May Fly” (Framed)

by David A. Footer Image size 10 x 13 inches this original oil painting on paper comes framed and matted; done in the year 2006.

It is one in a series of paintings that the artist has done in the style that looks like water color but is done with oils. Each one though similar to the others is a unique creation as he plays with color and subject to find just the right balance. A finished painting is the result of many attempts and David enjoys seeing what unfolds as each piece comes together. Watch along with us what the adding of one or more colors to the sky, water and the landscape does to change these individual pieces while he keeps others very simple. Brook Trout and May Fly depicts the graceful arching brook trout as it leaps through the air in pursuit of a tasty morsel for its lunch, the May Fly.

Keep checking back to his website and see if there is one of special interest to you.


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