Dimensions:13 5/8 X 17 1/2 in
Medium:Oil on Masonite
Product Code:ORGL PB-CR 041

“Catch and Release”

by David A. Footer  Image Size 13 5/8 X17 1/2 inches, the painting is framed in natural oak. Painted in oils on masonite in year 2000. Price $2,000.00. This original was also published into Limited Edition prints and Artist Proof prints in 2005.

The bow of a forest green canoe is seen out on water not far out from shore. David used the Eastern view in front of King and Bartlett Camps of Eustis, Maine for his scene. A fisherman’s arm (Dave’s own) rests over the side of the canoe, fingers clasping the Maine Game Warden Streamer Fly. A brook trout is just below the water’s surface. A fisherman has only a few seconds to admire the beauty of each catch while the fish holds nearly still and rests. It is tired from its struggle to get free. In these moments fishermen all over can enjoy the hope that the one or two pound trout they release this year maybe three or four pounds by next year. And in two or three years, it could be a five or six pound brook trout. What David trying to say with his oils and brush is that we can make a conscious choice not to kill a fish just because it meets the size and limit requirements. Enjoyment of the sport of fishing doesn’t always have to mean a kill. As time moves on and more fisherman catch and release more fish, one day there will be such a tug on the end of your fishing line that it will send you reeling.

The Story behind David’s painting Catch and Release and The Maine Game Warden Streamer Fly


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