Dimensions:21.5 X 11 inches
Product Code:2 SO-FPOP

Fish Painting on Panel Brook Trout

This is a Special offer for one of David’s oil paintings on Panel of a 21.5″ X 11″ Brook Trout on a Rustic Wormy Pine, in spawning colors.  David created many of his own panels over the years and with the greater promotion of his Art work, and promotion of Catch and Release, he began to use up some of those panels in stock.  This piece, has some blemishes where David patched the wood, which would not have shown if a fish mount had been placed in front of it.  However it looks great and in the right location those blemishes are near invisible.  $50.00 is knocked off the regular price making this a nice catch to anyone who is  interested in David’s work.


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