Edition:MF & W Artist Proof 80
Dimensions:8 3/4 X 12 1/4 Inches
Product Code:1-80-APFW-B

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Fishing The Beaver Pond with Dad

Most of us can remember very clearly how we started trout fishing. We began by fishing the small streams and our dreams grew.

Some years passed and one day walking up one of those streams, we discovered a fisherman’s dream. A beaver pond, rich with sediment, plentiful with insect life and the fattest trout we’d ever seen.

I took my dad to such a spectacular spot. The morning was perfect, the fishing excellent and we shared a time together. His last fishing trip.

This print is dedicated to the memory of my dad.

David A. Footer spent a lifetime preserving other people’s memories via his outstanding ability to reproduce exactness of color in fish mounting. Today, with this print, he shares with all of us his memories.

This Maine Fish & Wildlife artist proof edition is 1 of 80 Prints.


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