Edition:Artist Proof 200
Dimensions:Aprox. 15 X 18 in.
Product Code:1-200-AP-S

Free Spirit

Sebago Lake, Maine, with its deep and sparkling waters, is called The Home of the Land Lock Salmon.

For over 150 years, fishermen have tested their skills against this great warrior. To this day memories are imprinted with that moment. Reliving the screaming of the reel, the great silver fish leaping skyward, the falling slack and he is gone. Disappointment, not defeat. Hopefully there will be another time.

Fishermen are still lured back to the famous passage between Fryes Leap and Fryes Island to try again.

This artist proof edition is 1 of 200 prints.

The image size is 15 1/2 inches by 18 1/2 inches.


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