Dimensions:17.5X13.5 inches
Medium:Oil on Masonite
Product Code:ORGL 022

“Moonlight Amongst Friends”

by David Footer Image Size 17.5″ X 13.5″ inches, frame made by David out of weathered board , silvered with age has a .25 inch inlaid white strip of wood as a trim to this palette knife oil painting on masonite.

Scene is of a moon lit winter night in the woods. The white birch trees in the foreground are bathed in light in front of a stand of dark blue-green spruce silhouetted with the soft blue grays played with the palette knife to resemble the deeper forest behind.
The landscape sets along the elevation of a ridge. Very similar to the high ridges near where David grew up in Lewiston, Maine and spent many hours as a young boy and later as a young man observing nature. David would like to share with you his fondness for the beauty of the great outdoors even during the long winter nights, in Moonlight Amongst Friends.


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