Edition:Limited 1000
Dimensions:11 X 14 inches
Product Code:1-1000-R

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By David A. Footer

For over 100 years these great fish have been gone from these waters.  Dams and pollution have blocked their way.  New awareness and understanding of our environment has helped us make some changes.  Fish life is now returning to these waters.  We hold on to the hope that one day we will see these great fish Returning to jump these falls again.  For thousands of years the mature male and female salmon swam up these rivers together; paired up, mated and laid the fertilized seed for a whole new generation to begin their life cycle in these rivers.  “Returning” is the visualization by the artist David A. Footer, of his lifelong hope that the life giving properties of these rivers will continue to be restored to them in our day and in future generations to come.

- by Julie A. Footer

David A. Footer has spent a lifetime preserving other people’s memories via his outstanding ability to reproduce exactness of color in fish mounting.  Today, with this Limited Edition print, he would like to share his visualized hope for the future with you.


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