Dimensions:28 X 11 X 2 in
Product Code:Sculpt-JAF #2

Sculpture “SOLD”

This Brook Trout sculpture is 24 3/4″ in length and 5 1/2″ in depth. The shape is taken from an actual Brook Trout tracing chosen from David’s vast collection. The sculpture was created by David’s daughter, Julie, who has been working for him at his taxidermy shop and art studio for more than twenty years now. Julie branches out here from assisting with purely taxidermy jobs and was given the chance to try her hand using her talents and intuition to come up with this piece while doing research on a commission. Thus it is a study- that is one of kind. Once she was finished sculpting it, David painted it in oils and completed it, giving the 28″X 11″X 2″ thick board it was sculpted on a Rustic pine shape, style and finish.

It will make a perfect gift or purchase for anyone who is interested in David’s collectible artwork and “Catch and Release”.


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