Dimensions:13 in. X 17 1/2 in.
Medium:Oils on Masonite
Product Code:ORGL PB-BS 425

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Prints - Artist Proof

“Big Surprise”

by David A. Footer Image size 13 X 17.5 inches the original oil painting on masonite done in year 2002.

A rainbow trout is leaping out of stream with fishing fly in mouth, fly line taught. Fly Fisherman in distant back ground standing in water, fly rod in hand bent with weight of fish and pull against water. Rainbow has beautiful reddish pink hue along its side, blueish coloration all along its back from head to tip of tail. Thousands of black spots and markings lay along the upper 75% of is body some coming as far down as the rose color along side. There is a slivery white color covering the entire belly coming around the side meeting the splash of red-pink, this sliver also starts on the face of the fish and goes the whole length to the tail the only difference is the black spot markings are all over the tail. The sides of the river or steam are covered with boulders, and the river bed is rocky also as seen through the clear water. There is dense forest on both sides of the water and the sky, beyond the mountains in the distance is a soft blue above the white fluffy clouds.


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