Edition:Giclee on Canvas 300 s/n
Dimensions:20 X 16 in.
Product Code:1-300 TFTS-framed

“Time for the Spirit” (Framed)

“Time for the Spirit” by David A. Footer

Walking along Miramar Beach north of Half Moon Bay recharges me in so many ways. It’s about the smells of the salt air. Listening to and feeling the steady rhythm of the ocean as it ebbs and flows all around me. It is at once calming and rejuvenating. Feeling the ocean’s energy through all my senses is exciting. It renews and uplifts, calms and strengthens. And I emerge feeling joyous, peaceful and renewed in spirit.

As she experienced it. By Lynn Waltke

*A special note from David: “This is the first time I do an edition on canvas, I wanted to give each piece of art the realistic effect of a painting. We are offering three choices with this edition. First, the Giclee canvas edition: 24″ X 20″, print only with borders unstretched-flat for $125.00. Second, the Giclee canvas edition stretched over a frame: 20″ X 16″ for $150.00. Third, which is the image shown here of the Giclee canvas edition stretched on a frame and then custom framed with a frame made by the artist out of walnut: 21″X 17 3/4″ for $200.00″. Shipping & handling of the Framed print will be $45.00.


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