Dimensions:12 X 16 inches
Medium:Oils on Canvas Board
Product Code:ORGL 529

“Wilderness Osprey Island”

by David A. Footer Image size 12 x 16 inches the oil painting on canvas board done in the year 2000.

Once again David uses inspiration from his passion for the soft pinks and subtle blues of the early morning or evening sky as the backdrop for the creation his wilderness island. Reflection of sky and Island upon the water bring the viewer right to the level one would have in a canoe or other type boat. Through his experience with palette and brush, David brings to life the gentle movement of the water layed out for all to see so much so that one may nearly feel the lifting and lowering of the boat and hear the soothing sound of the water against its bow while watching this keen bird of prey returning to its home to feed on its catch of the day.


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