4/29/07 – 5/05/07: THREE NEW ITEMS.

Mountain Haze ORG 027: Original Oil Painting; Titled Mountain Haze

Catch and Release ORGL-PB-CR 041: Original Oil Painting (published); Titled “Catch and Release”

Solitary Pine ORGL 005: Original Oil Painting; Titled “Solitary Pine

3 NEW PAGES: New Items added this week;

UPDATE TO PAGES: About the Artist

5/13/07-5/19/07: Two new items.

Brook Trout Carving 5898-498 Thumbnail Brook Trout carving available: 3-WCF #498-5896 05 : Signed and Numbered.

Herb Welch Landlock Salmon availableHerb Welch Landlock Salmon Restored: Rstrd HW LLSalmon Mnt 408

5/20/07-5/26/07: Updated the Restorations; Restorations of Herb Welch Mounts; Mount Gallery;

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