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Labrador Wilderness


What is a Fish Portrait?

A fish portrait is an oil painting of the fish of your choice; the actual size and contents of Brown Troutthe painting are selected by you. We have thousands of outlines of actual fish that we can use. We have a great selection of colored pictures too!

Brown Trout caught in Connecticut.

Purpose: To help you to capture a very special moment in time, forever.

Dave’s whole goal is to create a painting whose image will bring to life the exciting feelings of a moment you have had or would like to experience. Like the day you were fishing with your wife. She brought in a nice five pound salmon all the way up to the boat. Just as she pulled it up out of the water it spit out the hook but it was the biggest fish she ever caught out on the lake and right in front of the family’s cabin. There was not an actual fish to mount but it was the most exciting day the two of you ever experienced as fishing buddies. Or as the portrait below is of the one Caught and Released in Labrador.

“The Take”

We can recreate the fish from your description and our many outlines. We will work with you to make it happen. It is very important to us that we can make this happen for you. We can do this by asking some important questions about your special experience.

Lower Dam Heart Stopper

Take a look at this beautiful scene of Lower Dam on a “Catch and Release” only section of river in Maine. Where Brook Trout are now found to be growing to sizes that were rarely seen in the last few decades. Dave entered this commissioned “Lower Dam Heart Stopper” in the Augusta Sportsman Show the year he completed it and was very pleased to bring home the Blue Ribbon Prize.

Below is a list of some of the key points that we will need to know in order to create your special memory:

What kind of fish is to be represented?

  • Do you have any pictures or color photos?
  • What is the location of the event? (ie. wilderness , local, etc.)
  • What other content will be represented in the picture? (ie. people, cabin, insects, birds, boats, trees, etc.)
  • What is the size of the fish? (should be actual size)
  • What size painting would you like?
  • What would you like the painting on? (ie. Canvas, Masonite, Wood, etc.)

How does David do it? A rough sketch of painting will be created for you to actual size. We will mail the rough sketch of painting to you for your approval and corrections if any, plus any additional information. Eventually we will reach an agreement on the content, size and cost. We will also estimate a time for completion (usually one year). And finally after all of the terms have been discussed and agreed upon, we will accept a deposit for the project.

And bring to life the memories like this Free Spirit, Landlock Salmon, the one that got away in Maine.

“Free Spirit”

PRICE STARTING @ $1,000.00. Inquires welcomed!

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