Fish Carving - Labrador Brook Trout
Fish Carving – Labrador Brook Trout

Self Portrait
Self Portrait

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Fall-Winter Newsletter 2012 5pgs

Exciting News for Weekend March 16-18th, 2012

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About the Artist

David Footer, now 82 years of age, has been involved with nature and wildlife on many levels for over 70 years. Dave as a lad on the farm

As a young farm boy, he developed a deep interest in the beauty of nature; and at the age of 10, he became interested in taxidermy. (photo to the left: Dave as a boy, helping his father at haying time on the farm, photo to the right: Dave standing in front of family farm holding a specimen of his early taxidermy work.)

Dave’s early taxidermy work

In these early years as a young trapper, Dave learned the habits of wildlife and the balance of nature. At the same time, his interest grew in art as he borrowed books from the Lewiston Public Library and began studying the works of great masters. Eventually, Dave began to learn the subtle nuances and techniques of using light and color. This valuable knowledge led to Dave’s uncanny ability to accurately portray the exact color of fish in his mountings. In the 65 years Dave Footer has been working in this field he developed an international reputation in the fine art of spectacular fish mounting.

Dave guided on the famous Broadback River in Northern Quebec for an amazing 26 seasons. During that time, he spent thousands of hours watching the movements of fish. He acquired firsthand knowledge of the wilderness in Maine, Quebec, Labrador, Ungava Bay Region, and Alaska.

Since 1994, his art has been on the covers of Maine Fish and Wildlife, Canada’s Eastern Woods and Waters, and in 2002, a 13-page feature story was published in the Art of Angling Journal. His work has been of interest to numerous other publications over the years, ranging from fly- fishing magazines, books and newspapers, and most recently in a pictorial publication from the Images of America series, titled “Rangeley Lakes Region,” by Don Palmer, President of the Rangeley Region Guides’ & Sportsmen’s Association. Palmer gives Dave credit for carrying on the mastery of the taxidermy craft, handed down to him from Herb Welch.

Notably, Welch is considered by many to have been the best taxidermist of his day.  There’s a new exhibit at: The Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum in the Rangeley/Oquossoc area of Maine; it’s titled Rangeley’s Famous Trout and Salmon. To learn more check out The Events Schedule on their website.  They have a nice collection of David’s work on display in that exhibit.  Hope you are able to get there to see it.

Perhaps most importantly of all, Dave has gained recognition for his devotion to helping and supporting many programs dedicated to the use and protection of the great outdoors. He has received both the “Award of Merit” and “Certificate of Appreciation” from the “Hooked on Fishing, Not On Drugs” program from The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife’s Maine Warden Service. Maine’s chapter of The Izaak Walton League, as well as many chapters of Trout Unlimited and Ducks Unlimited throughout the state and country. They have given recognition to Dave for his outstanding support and generosity through his art. Dave hopes to share with you some of the special moments in nature; whether it’s through his paintings, wood fish carvings, Artist Proof prints, Limited-Edition Prints, his Open Edition Prints and lastly his Specialized Prints including Note Cards – Hint: they make great Mini Prints; fish mounts, or other works of art.

Collaborated by Julie Ann Footer & Christina Sachs